Smoky Quartz Jewellery - Celebrate a Gemstone

“To the ancient druids, the Smoky Quartz gemstone was holy and showed the potent dark power of Earth gods.”

“Stone of Power”

Smoky Quartz crystal is the national gem of Scotland. When the Celts colonised the British Isles, they mined this beautiful crystal in the Scottish Highlands and called the yellow-brown ones “Cairngorm” after the Cairngorm Mountains, whereas the darker brown to black crystals were called “Morion”.
Smoky quartz cannot only be found in Scotland but also in other countries like Africa, Switzerland, Madagascar, Brazil, Australia and the USA.
Smoky Quartz was known as a "Stone of Power". To the ancient druids, the Smoky Quartz gemstone was holy and showed the potent dark power of Earth gods.
Since ancient times the magnificent power of the Smoky Quartz crystal lies in the ability to protect from negativity, to absorb and convert significant amounts of negative energy and
release it into the Earth to be neutralised naturally.
The Smoky Quartz gemstone, it is the stone of the November’s births.



Smoky Quartz Properties

There are many beliefs in the healing powers of the Smoky Quartz stone. Smoky Quartz crystal has some generic properties. Emotionally, the stone helps to lift up your mood. It relieves fear and enhances security and safety and leads you to emotional calmness. The stone also promotes positive thoughts, concentration and helps with communication difficulties.
Physically speaking, the crystal dissolves cramps, strengthens the back and fortifies the nerves. It also relieves headaches, back pain and eases muscular spasms.
Smoky Quartz benefits the heart, nerves, muscles and the reproductive system.
In addition to all these properties, the Smoky Quartz gemstone can neutralise negative vibrations and detoxify on all levels. As Smoky Quartz Jewellery is often naturally irradiated it is known to be excellent at protecting the system against radiation and electronic smog. It can be particularly helpful when receiving a chemotherapy, it is said that in order to dissolve pain caused by this treatment, it should be placed directly over the painful point.



Smoky Quartz Colour

Smoky Quartz belongs to a variety of quartz which presents a brown smoky colour.
The colour of the natural Smoky Quartz crystal may vary from a light brown-grey colour to a black smoky colour. The Smoky Quartz gemstone can be opaque but is almost always transparent to translucent even in its darkest colour shade.
The smoky colour is formed from silicon dioxide by natural irradiation.
The Smoky Quartz is often confused with amethyst, but its colour is more homogeneous.
Some crystals have dark colours like Smoky Quartz, but the name “smoky” is reserved for crystals whose colour has been induced by radiation.
The crystal can sometimes be tainted with a violet or yellow colour.



Smoky Quartz Jewellery

With its beautiful range of brown tones, smoky quartz is indeed a jewellery designers dream! Smoky Quartz jewellery conjures a flair of mystery and sophistication. Thanks to its transparency and serene colours, smoky quartz jewellery can be worn to complete any outfit. Smoky quartz is a perfect and unique gift for you or your loved ones.