Rose Quartz Jewellery - Celebrate a Gemstone

“Rose Quartz – it is known as the Crystal of unconditional love. Wearing Rose Quartz Jewellery will give you that”

“Love Stone”

Rose Quartz – it is known as the Crystal of unconditional love, the love stone, the heart stone, and the talisman of relationships. It carries a feminine energy and it’s the perfect stone to attract love, romance and intimacy. It also inspires beauty and imagination for creativity. Wearing Rose Quartz Jewellery will give you that.
It can be found in United States of America, Japan, Brazil, South Africa and India.
The origin of Rose Quartz is ancient, the Greeks and the Romans believe the mythological gods brought the stone to our planet to attract love and harmony.




The Rose Quartz Jewellery, have some properties at physical and emotional levels.
Physically, the Rose Quartz Gemstone is the crystal that benefits the heart, blood and circulation system.
Emotionally, the Rose Quartz Gemstone is related to love - not just love in a relationship, but love for family, for friends, for yourself. The regular use of this stone improves our self-esteem.
Rose Quartz Gemstone clears feelings of negativity and appeases emotional wounds.



Rose Quartz Colour

The origin of Rose Quartz Colour is a mystery because it is unique in the mineral kingdom. There are many similar rose colour in natural minerals, but they never present the same shades of Rose Quartz Gemstone.

The Rose Quartz Gemstone is the rosiest pink of the quartz. It’s a gemstone that tends to be cloudy, and it’s colour range go from very light rose to medium rose in intensity, this fact made this stone ideal for cutting in cabochon or carving in imaginative ways.



What’s a Quartz?

Quartz is considerate the most well-known mineral on earth. It is one of the most resistant minerals, with a hardness level of seven, behind minerals like topaz or the diamond. One of the characteristics of this type of crystal is the diversity of colours. For example, the purple colour in Amethyst, the pale yellow/in Citrine, other colours of white/milky quartz, smoky quartz, amazonite quartz, and the most important for us the Rose Quartz.



Rose Quartz Jewellery

The Rose Quartz it’s a fascinating stone to be carving in a jewel.

The Rose Quartz Gemstone is truly one of the most classic Rose gemstones, often used in rings, but suited for another type of jewellery like earrings, pins, necklaces and pendants.

A Rose Quartz pendant may rest on your chest, spreading the positive and loving energy to the heart!