Stainless Steel Jewellery - Our materials

“Let's talk about the Beauty of Stainless Steel Jewellery. Apart from being shiny and affordable, why you should choose this material?”

Stainless Steel is also known by the name inox steel or inox. It is a steel alloy containing the magical element chromium. There are many advantages to this combination when it comes to jewellery. Unlike ordinary steel, stainless steel does not readily corrode, rust or stain with water. It doesn't oxidise or suffer from discolouration. It is not fully stain-proof under certain environmental conditions. However, stainless steel has different grades and surface finishes to suit different conditions. At Bettencourt Creative Jewellery, we use a grade of stainless steel known as '316L' – it provides unparalleled high quality, durability and finish.
Cleaning a piece of jewellery based on stainless steel is quite straightforward. You just need a soft fabric, warm water and a little detergent. Carefully clean your piece of jewellery with the cloth. Wipe and pat dry with another cloth and your jewellery will shine like new!



Stainless steel’s Jewellery resistance to corrosion and staining, low maintenance and familiar lustre make it an ideal material for many applications. Stainless steel is frequently used for jewellery and watches and can be re-finished by any jeweller. To all the allergy prone women out there - it is often a relief to know that Stainless Steel is hypoallergenic and should not irritate your skin. It has proven to be a real alternative to all other metals such as copper or brass!


Recycling and Reuse

Some other interesting points to know about Stainless Steel Jewellery. These days, materials are starting to become scarce on our plant, it is good news that this shiny material is 100% recyclable. An average stainless steel object is composed of about 60% recycled material of which approximately 40% originates from end-of-life products, and the remainder comes from manufacturing processes. So, buying a piece of jewellery made from Stainless Steel, apart from affordability, beauty, low maintenance and timeless lustre, you will be using a recyclable material and supporting the environment!