The Brand

Pedro de Bettencourt, the founder of BETTENCOURT - CREATIVE JEWELLERY, set out to unite creative jewellery designs and bring them to the market at an affordable price.

BETTENCOURT - CREATIVE JEWELLERY brings reality to artistry, from creative minds to the world.

Our Dream Makers

The collections or single pieces are created for us all to enjoy. Invented or re-invented, they are expressions of people guided by diverse cultural roots and experiences who share passion for innovation, beauty and perfection.

To Our Customers

We invite our customers, women in particular, to experience self-awareness sharing our creative approach to individuality and to celebrate women’s pride in being distinct.

The Company

De Bettencourt Handels GmbH is the organization behind the brand. Our team embodies the philosophy that leads and supports all corporate activities through our mission. We are on the web and soon we will be in the shops.